Erte Cosmetics (Member of Erkul group) is a leading manufacturer that was established in 2003. Erte has grown to serve both branded and private label perfumes and cosmetics. Our facility is located in the area of 7000 sqm where production is performed by powerful combination of art and modern technology.

We offer complete line of perfumes, home fragrances, men’s range, hair care, bath&body and skincare products. Erte exports its exquisite range of products to 62 countries across the world.

Erte has been cooperating with some of the largest retailers and brand owners worldwide. Ensuring that we are always up to date with the latest market trends and new product innovations. With our expertise and innovative products we are confident to meet and satisfy your requirements.

We provide an excellent customer service, high quality ingredients, competitive pricing and unrivalled market ability.

We never test our products on animals.